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Transparency. Heritage. Community.


Le knows we must strike a balance between maintaining our town’s character and managing our growth responsibly.

Le is running to preserve our past while forging a brighter future.

We must resurrect transparency and civility in how our city government makes decisions. Let’s focus our energy on solving the real challenges facing Gig Harbor.

We must maintain our respect for our city’s rich heritage and preserve our “village” atmosphere. We must make smarter, more strategic business decisions that help foster our city’s economic vitality while making it easier to grow or start a business.

Gig Harbor City Council decisions must be respectful and inclusive of all neighborhoods. We must demonstrate our continued commitment to providing facilities like convenient shopping choices, parks, and all-access recreational opportunities for every citizen. Growth is inevitable, but it does not have to be painful.

Meet Le Rodenberg

Former Small Business Owner. Longtime Resident.

Having lived in Gig Harbor for 23 years, Le Rodenberg has seen our town expand from a small fishing village to a growing bedroom community right before our eyes.

Le believes planning for the future starts by building the infrastructure to support new growth before new projects are approved. Le will help family businesses and entrepreneurs grow by streamlining the permit process and expand infrastructure desperately needed in our harbor.

As our city councilman, Le will help resurrect transparency and civility in our city government processes and work to find common solutions. Le is proud to be endorsed by first responders, veterans’ groups, and former Mayors and Council members.

Endorsed By

  • First Responders
  • Veteran Groups
  • Former Mayors & Council Members


Help Keep Gig Habror the town we love.